Housing Market Survey - Greater Seattle - Feb '19

Housing Market Survey - Greater Seattle - Feb '19

What’s ahead for local housing markets?

Every month we poll our network of CoBuy-certified™ real estate pros to get their read on home prices, supply & demand dynamics, and themes likely to drive local markets over the coming months. Check out the key takeaways below!

Home prices.


say prices will increase

over the next 3 months.

(up from 30% last month)


Supply of homes on the market over the next 3 months will…










All those surveyed predict increased buyer demand over the next 3 months.

First-time buyers & folks moving to town are expected to drive this demand.

Biggest threats to market stability?

#1 - Lack of Inventory
#2 - Economic Uncertainty
#3 - Housing Policy & Regulation
#4 - Geopolitics

Challenges facing first-time buyers…

High prices

Financial education

Skepticism of lending & real estate industries

Zoning & regulation

Nearly 75% of respondents say eliminating single-family zoning would benefit the local housing market.

The word on the street.

In recent discussions with real estate agents, loan officers, and builders, recurring themes have included:

  • Increased competition amongst buyers versus previous months
  • Greater demand for investment properties
  • Sellers giving more weight to the terms and structure of offers received

The raw results

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