CoBuy makes it easier to buy and own a home together, intelligently.

Today’s home buying process focuses on married couples and individuals. Other homebuyers have fundamentally unique needs. They face different challenges before, during, and after the home purchase.

CoBuy specializes in helping co-buyers buy a home together, start to finish. We work with groups of all sizes — friends, family members, unmarried couples, and multiple couples. We’ve created a streamlined process that makes co-buying and co-ownership simpler, safer, and more affordable.

Our story

In 2015, we decided to co-buy a home as family and partners. We wanted to continue living together, but we also wanted to become homeowners. Pooling our resources seemed like a great way to increase our purchasing power and share expenses. We thought co-buying would be easy given our real estate, finance, and development backgrounds. We were wrong.

We learned that buying a home together is complicated. There are many unknowns, and closing on the purchase is just the start of co-ownership. Our experience highlighted how traditional real estate fails “non-traditional” buyers and entirely ignores co-ownership.

So we fixed it.

Who we are

We’re a Seattle-based company led by mother-and-son founders. We’re backed by an ecosystem of hand-selected CoBuy-certified™ Pros who have specialized expertise across all aspects of co-buying and co-ownership.

Matt Holmes
Matt Holmes
Co-founder, CEO
Planned a career in rock and roll but ended up studying economics and working in financial markets.
Pamela Hughes
Pamela Hughes
Co-founder, COO
Forty years of experience across finance, real estate, insurance, and building/development. Best friends with a small dog known as Francis.


End-to-end solution for
co-buying & co-ownership


Year founded:
12 months of R&D


Founders’ years of experience:
RE & Financial Services


CoBuy-certified™ Pros
across CA, OR, WA

What we do

CoBuy simplifies co-buying and co-owning a home. Powered by experts and technology, we bring together everything you need in one place.

CoBuyers receive step-by-step support through:

  1. Planning and building consensus
  2. Determining readiness
  3. Securing a joint mortgage
  4. Searching, negotiating, and transacting
  5. Structuring co-ownership
  6. Protecting against risks
  7. Developing an exit strategy

CoBuy is your facilitator. Think of us as a dedicated project manager for co-buying and co-ownership. We’re backed by an ecosystem of CoBuy-certified™ Pros: top RE agents, lenders, attorneys, title and escrow pros, insurers, and CPAs. We vet our partners based on experience, ethics, communication, customer service, and local market knowledge. By aligning incentives and working together, everyone wins.

Why we do it

Our goal is to democratize homeownership and wealth creation.

Homeownership should be accessible to everyone, regardless of household composition. Today, that’s not the case. Co-buying is poorly served by any single business line in real estate. There is little focus on co-ownership and the long-term wellbeing of co-owners. Without a proper framework or support, buying and owning together isn’t feasible for many folks.

We’re fixing that.

Our values

Values guide everything we do: