Watch our CoBuyers share their stories.

Candice & Gabriel

Unmarried couple in Oakland, CA

“I didn’t really know where to start because we had different financial situations. How would that work out? CoBuy walks you through the process…from the realtor to the mortgage, the lender to the lawyer, to help drafting up the agreement. I would recommend CoBuy to anyone looking to buy a home together.”

Christina, Edwina, Jason

Family members in Port Angeles, WA

“The CoBuy team actively encouraged us to smartly consider our options in terms of joint ownership. Now we live in an awesome house and have peace of mind knowing that we’ve covered all our bases and have contingency plans for all the ‘what-ifs’ that life can throw your way. I highly recommend CoBuy!”

Genya & Family

Couple & family members in Seattle, WA

“Our questions were around how is this going to work? What will it actually look like? And is there any liability? Having that step by step process was great. A big thing for us was making sure that everybody felt secure in their investment. Having a neutral third party was essential for us in this process.”

Peggy, Terry, Ray

Friends in Issaquah, WA

“I am a seasoned Realtor but I’ve never come across such an intricate transaction. We decided to use CoBuy’s expertise to help us navigate the process. I could not imagine going through this without the assistance of CoBuy. CoBuy was instrumental in getting it done.”