What is CoBuy?

What is CoBuy?

CoBuy is a brand new approach to living

W e’ve developed CoBuy in response to the housing affordability crisis (housing is getting pretty expensive in Seattle as of late). Buying a house takes money and patience. On the other hand, renting can offer flexibility and is the logical alternative for people who don’t have enough saved up to buy a house. Right?

Not necessarily. The case for renting is compelling to a point. But at what price point does renting become ridiculous? If there was a way you could take that cheeky bit of cash hanging out in your savings account making 0.01% interest per year and buy a home, would you? It’s not enough, you say. It may not be enough to buy your own 1 bed, but it may well be enough to jointly purchase a home with a loved one or a friend.

Enter CoBuy. The premise is simple. At some price, renting just isn’t worth it. At some price, the voice of reason begs you to figure out a better alternative. With the price of Seattle rents skyrocketing 11% from April to May of this year, some folks are looking to alternatives like buying a home with one or more friends or family.

CoBuy is an online platform that guides you through the process. We make buying a home with your lover, your two best friends, or your grandma simple. You don’t need to know about the real estate process. You don’t have to intend to live in a jointly purchased home for the long term. In fact, you likely have everything you need to CoBuy. Visit us at GoCoBuy.com to learn more.

Looking to buy a home?

On this blog, we’ll be discussing the CoBuy concept in context of the Seattle market and giving you info and advice. We’ll also be answering questions and speaking with people who have jointly purchased a home to hear their stories. We’re stoked to be democratizing access to home ownership, and we’re happy you’re joining us on that journey.

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